When one or more sexual participants openly fake orgasm such as to mock the efforts of the other sexual participant(s).
Marie: 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL!' (exaggerated body writhing, breathing and excessive slamming of nearby surfaces ensues, stopping very suddenly with a look of spiteful derision).

Michael: That's my third Sarcasm this month!
by DonPasquale March 21, 2013
A Fairly new concept of humor, used commonly by smart-asses, dumb-asses, idiots, and plenty of other just plain old dicks.
Guy 1: Oh thanks for teabaggin me in my sleep bro.. I hear its REALLY good for acne

Girl 1: Apparently someone has never heard of Sarcasm
by Sara Brooke June 08, 2009
Something your grandparents don't understand because it's from the twenty-first century.


(Teenager comes in the house without a newspaper)

Grandmother- Did you find the newspaper?

Teenager- Do you see me with a newspaper in my hands?

Grandmother- Why you talk like that for, thatsa no nice....

Teenager- Shutup...

It's called sarcasm.....
by *Krystyn* November 01, 2008
Tonage used when confirming something obvious. also see Nola
I was duct taped to my ceiling by my frat.

Loved every minute
by Bawls McGreely February 21, 2005
a tone of voice u use to make fun of someone saying something stupid
1)yo mama is so fat she is fat
2)that is about as funny as a baby getting thrown down a staircase
1)i sense some sarcasm
2)no im not being sarcastic
by latinopride1212 May 24, 2007
How previously un-funny people can get others to think that they have a great sense of humor. Sarcasm can be funny, but oftentimes, users have trouble getting others to pick up on their sarcasm, and counter by blaming the 'listener' for this, citing his/her/their lack of intelligence. This is wrong, though. Sarcasm should be executed in a manner that allows the recipient(s) to understand that sarcasm is involved.
I use sarcasm every once and again.
by Diggity Monkeez February 18, 2005
In conjunction with sarcastic, sarcasm is usually used by literate beings such as: nerds, scientists, professors and other super/smart people.
1. When someone performs poorly and/or creates a small problem: 'Oh, Nice!', 'Great Work...', 'Best thing ever...'

by Klupoctuous July 08, 2004
a shorter and quiker way for being sarcastic about something is to say '10'
10 means lied..
in general when you lie your also being sarcastic
sarcasm = lying about something
lying can be interpriated as lied which can be shortened to 10
stiffler: yea like you wanna go cinema tonight, you never no what you wanna do!

nick: i do stiffer

stiffler: sure you do 10

nick: hey, dont say that in sarcastic voice

stiffler: oooohhh sorry for using sarcasm then niiicky
by birchy February 28, 2008

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