When one or more sexual participants openly fake orgasm such as to mock the efforts of the other sexual participant(s).
Marie: 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL!' (exaggerated body writhing, breathing and excessive slamming of nearby surfaces ensues, stopping very suddenly with a look of spiteful derision).

Michael: That's my third Sarcasm this month!
by DonPasquale March 21, 2013
With the use of it any word can be turned into a fuck you statement with undertones of absolute contempt
yeah, what ever you say...
by flippytale January 24, 2004
Sarcasm is a key staple to the rhetoric of un-witty and insecure people.

Generally, sarcastic people lack the intelligence to conceive a proper reply, so they feign erudite by using sarcasm.
Sarcasm is always a hip, trendy way to be e-cool. Unfortunately, e-coolness is linked to to persistent virginity, mental insecurity, lack of wit, and general neural atrophy, which leads to the use of sarcasm, hence creating a harsh circle of pseudo-intellectualism.
See also: Hipster, Pseudo-Intellectual, Insecure
Sarcastic Hipster Faggot: ZOMG! MLP:FiM and indie music are so unconventional and ironic!

Regular Faggot: lol, wut?

Sarcastic Hipster Faggot: I'm special...

Regular Faggot: You use sarcasm to compensate for your lack of intelligence.

Sarcastic Hipster Faggot: NO!
by cunt crusher June 27, 2013
When irony has an orgasm.

(based on actual events)

Helen: what's a good quote to add under my definition of sarcasm?

Guy: hand greande pins in every line throw them up and watch something shine
linkin park lyrics

Helen: dude. sarcasm?

Guy: ooooohhh lol, idk
yea i'm hopeless

Helen: with that sarcasm??? heck no....<----(sarcasm)

by Music3is2my1 February 27, 2009
Something most people can't understand or handle. Could it be that it is harder to judge what people mean on the Internet with text, or is it that so many people are ignorami?
What ever the case, suck a fart you jet-powered cunt-baboon.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 22, 2003
A form of conversation that is rude and extremely judgmental.
Sarcasm is awesome! No, you are rude and judgmental.
by Prudepaysoff August 17, 2010
When used correctly and appropriately, often the most witty form of humour. To describe it primatively, think Chandler from friends!
Hello. I'm Chandler From Friends. I am SOOO not sarcastic. Heh.Sarcasm sooooo isn't my thing.
by -----Sofi----- December 29, 2005
The only language I speak.
"Sarcasm is the language of the devil, for which reason I have long since so good as denounced it." -Thomas Carlyle
by Dr. House January 12, 2007

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