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A pro at going down on women. best oral sex you will ever receive.
omg i had a multiple orgasm, you are such a martyn.
by cokey smurf April 08, 2010
Martyn is an adorable Irish boy. He's super flirty and funny, and he also really enjoys music. He always knows how to make people smile and he blames Pete Wentz.
by sydneylikestea December 07, 2012
A good guy that has his heart in the right place but unfortunately clueless in how to please a women. Gives lots of effort. Wouldn't be suprised that when he does sleep with girls they fake it.
Bless him, he was a martyn. its nice that he tried though.
by charliewon September 12, 2013
The most kindest guy you will ever meet. He has blonde hair and is gay but he's proud of it. He is always there to help you and will look out for you. He's funny and never at all mean Martyn will always be there for you.
"I'm so upset!"
"Aww, don't worry! Martyn will cheer you up!"
"You're right! I love Martyn!"
by annonymousdoooood October 15, 2011
A pale milky ginger kid who thinks he's better than anyone else.

He thinks he's funny when he's not and has an underlying anger problem, thinks people like him when they don't and has has been known to grunt.
That fuckin kid did my head in, I nearly nutted the cunt.
" yeah he was a proper martyn".
by Funnyffucker May 13, 2013
An overweight homosexual male from the north-east of england. Often found with greasy hair and bad in bed.
guy1: Dude he was shit in bed
guy2: He's such a martyn
by ClarksSelfShiningShoePolish September 11, 2011
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