a sand nigger can be used to address anyone of middle eastern descent. they can usually be found in your local gas station or blowing up buildings. they drive shitty little vans that are reffered as to bindi vans which can carry a towns whole supply of nuclear explosives and/or other sand niggers
sandnigger- derka derka derka
whiteman- fuck u dirty sand nigger and pump my gas
whiteman- shutup bindi shit go fuck ur goat
by sean515 April 06, 2006
Nigger of the sand.
Last night, that sand nigger behind the counter was held up by a land nigger.
by Snakums January 02, 2010
racist term to describe iraqis and more genrally arabs.

says the definition is too short obviously a simple straight forward and accurate opnion is to much for urban dicitonary to handle and i should rant abought my own conceited opnions for a while to bulk the comment out like everyone else....ever notice how urban dictionary seems to be a right wind loony with a unwholesome hate of michael moore okay that should long enought now.
if you use the term sandnigger seriously i hope you open your mail to find it full of white powder.
by zombiejack July 07, 2004
Someone of Arabic descent since most their land is covered in sandy deserts and they resemble black Africans. Mediterrean Europeans, Iranians, Turkish, Caucus people, Hebrew people, and SouthCentral Asians cannot be sandniggers because most of their lands or not sandy deserts and they are white Caucasians. this word is often used by westerners to refer to A-rabs.
Those backward sandniggers live in mudhuts and fuk goats!
We need a new Inqusition to expel sandniggers from the West!
by FrenchCatholicCrusader August 04, 2010
A person from the Middle East. Said in a racist term
Iqbal is such a sand nigger!
by DizzyLizzy December 28, 2006
A sand dwelling, turban wearing, camel fucking, holier than thou. Bombers of innocent women & children and buildings. They all should be killed fucking slowly! We should all do the world a favor and turn their piece of shit country into one big parking lot!
The sand nigger that works down the road at the Chevron sucks!
by Michael Clay Smith Jr. March 06, 2008
Someone of middle-eastern desint
I'm not gonna take this flight. Theres a sand nigger on board!
by Barduk July 15, 2008
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