An ethnic slurs against Arabs.

Must commonly used by American troops during operation Desert Storm and the Invasion to Iraq.
Sgt Brice:Thousands of Sand-Niggers were taken prisoners the first day of the war.
Pvt Bateman:'em Sand-Niggers can't fight worth dick.
by lucas503 August 29, 2009
A nigger that lives in the sand, areas such as a desert.
Hey, I heard that you lived in a desert. Does that make you a sand nigger?
by Sand Nigger Lol May 19, 2010
anyone of arabian descent, from jordan, syria, iraq, dubai, turkey, kuwait, lebanon, palestine, yemen, oman, saudi arabia, egypt (even though they're in africa)

not really iran though, they're just 'persians'
Person 1: "Ey, she's from turkey, must be a sand nigger."
by ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy April 11, 2010
a sand nigger can be used to address anyone of middle eastern descent. they can usually be found in your local gas station or blowing up buildings. they drive shitty little vans that are reffered as to bindi vans which can carry a towns whole supply of nuclear explosives and/or other sand niggers
Catlin, you're a sand nigger, suck a dick.
by Moomoocho May 13, 2013
Any middle eastern person such as an arab or a persian/iranian.

Applies to their dark or non-white skin tone in general and their hooked noses and hairy bodies resembling apes.
Look at Ali Ardali, he is a prototypical sand nigger from Iran.

He you Persian sand nigger!
by Ali Reza Shahrestani October 01, 2010
A person of middle-eastern decent.

That sand nigger stole my television. Damn you Mohammad!
by Jewie McJewface December 16, 2008
one from the middle east area or of middle eastern decent.
also called camel jocky, carpet riders, jawas, and so on.
Hamid is such a sand nigger i swear he eats the sand!
by Carsolmine December 19, 2006

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