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Disparaging term for people from the Arab/North African regions.
by one of you November 05, 2004
264 65
arab towel head who sits on his camel all day out in the desert
"You see that new Arab kid?"
"Yeah, where he came from he was the biggest sand monkey"
by Ian Hunter is gay February 23, 2003
240 132
a racial slur and derogatory general word for Arabs, Muslims, and terrorists
Teacher: Okay, children we have a new student from Afghanistan
Obnoxious Student: Lynch that sand monkey right now dammit!
by TRMT12 July 19, 2008
99 45
A racial discriminatory slang term used to describe a Middle Eastern individual.
Good for nothing "sand monkey".
by angel3x2 March 28, 2009
66 26
a slang for all people of middle eastern descent
Look at that damn sandmonkey wearing a towel on his head.
by Turner44 April 25, 2005
36 22
A racist term to describe middle eastern people (arabs, lebs etc).
These sandmonkey's are trying to take over the world and are pissing us off.
by JinX August 30, 2004
58 49
Sand Monkey: A person that is born within African American and Middle Eastern descent. i.e. sand nigger and porch monkey. In essence, a Sand Monkey is a person that is a sand nigger and a porch monkey combined into one person.
Billy: Look at that Sand Monkey over there! He's really accomplishing the task of finishing his nig stick.

Timmy: What's a Sand Monkey, Billy?

Billy: A Sand Monkey is a sand nigger and a porch monkey combined.
by Darkshadow33 March 03, 2011
24 19