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In 268, the Visigoths ("the noble ones") seperated from the nomadic Goth tribes and invaded the Balkan peninsula, part of the Roman Empire. They practiced Arianism.
The Visigoths sacked Rome
by chenry August 31, 2004
A tribe of badass motherfuckers that migrated from Austria to Spain. They ousted the Muslims from Spain. If you were in their way, they'd physically remove you. They were into greeting people with a fucking axe to the face. The Visigoths would pretty much take other people's shit and call it their own.
1. Aw man, fucking run. Them crazy Visigoths are going to axe us in the face.

2. I didn't want them badass Visigoths to jack my shit so I just gave it to them in the first place.
by RobbiesSmith July 01, 2011

A goth who is not invisible.
Dude, I was at this Siouxsie and the Banshees show, but I didn't see you. You must not have been a visigoth that night.
by this random guy May 12, 2005
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