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The spell sanctuary on a MUD. Generally, it reduces the damage you take from things you encounter.
Hey cleric, sanc me
by Locane May 18, 2003
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Sanc, as in the "Sanc Kingdom". The name of the kingdom that stemmed from the revolutions that started in Alabama. This kingdom flourishes with its superior social reforms and focus on its people's well-being rather than material wealth. A military state, but highly educated and made up of Free People. Those that serve in its military do so voluntarily for the protection of their all-out regard for total freedom from outside oppression.
The "Sanc Kingdom". A Free nation isolated inside the former United States.
by Duo Barton August 06, 2009
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I typed her number into my PDA, then sanc it with my computer.
by JM May 09, 2003
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