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the man who may not always get the "bartender" but in the end, he will get the girl that matters. he is a true gentleman that any woman would be lucky to share a moment with.
ashley is one lucky girl. she is with a true samit
by AnnArbor September 05, 2008
Samits: A Cute word to decsribe a cute anime/manga girl

Me and my friends saw a real adorable picture of Tessa in Full Metal panic (the manga) and she was eating a sandwhich therefore SAMITS!
That Mary on Harvest moon you know? the Librarian She's Samits!
by JoshB March 13, 2005
verb To samit
When a student robs a teacher's flash drive (with all the answers to tests and quizzes) directly from his/her computer and then uses it to cheat on tests within that class. While passing it on to fellow students who eventually snitch him; which ultimately lead to a student's suspension.
"Hey the teacher left his flash drive on the computer."
"Hey don't pull a Samit!"
by David578593 June 13, 2009
Cleveland Suburb Slang. (v) The act of putting forth a lackluster effort in regards to picking up women. Usually accompanied by mental obsession and extreme sexual frustration.
Man, dont Samit tonight.
This will be so funny, watch me Samit this chick.
by RickyDee August 16, 2006
Someone who will pretend to be your friend only to betray your trust while taking away all of your happiness.
I'll never forget what that samit did to me!
by Yummy Tummy January 21, 2009
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