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when a man and woman are "doing it" and are making noises at the same time. Ushually its the female yelling "FUCK ME, DONT STOP, HARDER, HARDER" or "TAP THAT ASS" and the male yelling "WHOS YOUR DADDY?! YES.. RIGHT THERE" this prooving that they are enjoying themselves continously while him shooving his PENIS in her HAIRY PUSSY.
"OMG... FUCK ME,.. HARDER.. UH, UH, UH, COMMON, DO IT... YES... UH HUH, YES... DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME.... BABY... OH BABY.." usually followed by orgasm.
by Victoria November 28, 2004
when a man and a woman are screaming yelling or saying somthing to keep the other person to keep fucking each other
sex noises :“uh .... uh again .... harder ... come on dont stop ....oh ... oh .... YES ....uh uh ohhh”
by stargrl February 17, 2011
Usually for trolling people online, strange fetishes, changing settings to Sex Noises to fuck with people.
I played Sex Noises through my microphone while playing Call of Duty.
by Nova The Penetrator June 02, 2015

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