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a very sexy beast in my opinion - not so secret admirer
dyammm that saman is a hotty!
by M_cubed May 12, 2010
A company, used mainly in london. Samo Co was the original name, but was quickly replaced by Saman in the late 18th century.
Boy1:do you have the latest Saman phone? the Saman FU666!

Boy2:no, but i wish that i did have it. man it looks so good.

Boy1: innit bruv.
by L0lz0r May 03, 2006
a japanese word for sperm.
Oh, your samen went all over me!
by thezguy June 19, 2008
A completely retarded person who thinks I suck.
The girl sitting next to me.
by Faiqah November 17, 2004
A name used to describe an uptight person who insults you badly and for no real reason. A Saman normally links the army and uses slang from decades ago.
<Kid One> I could really go for some poontang.
<Kid Two> No thanks
<Kid One> Your mom is no thanks
<Kid Two> Hey? Saman?

Kid One is the Saman
by Gruce McKenzie April 15, 2004
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