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The most incredible type of person, someone you would eventually like to marry. Distinguished by a sexy body, intelligent mind, and devastatingly good looks. A person that you love.
Who's that?

Ohhh, It's just Mateo. LOOK AT THAT ASS!
by MEAUTREAO December 28, 2009
A guy with a huge dick that every girl wants,even if they are not bitches...he's also very sexy and always looks good.Usually a latino with a very hot accent.
Girl:OMG,there's Mateo I want to fuck him so badly
by qqwertyuiop October 10, 2010
awesome person who will soon be famous so look out, and loves Selena Gomez
"i wish i was Mateo"
by jew-fro April 24, 2009
Knowing a Mateo is honorable. Mateo is a hilarious and crazy creature who writes Spanish and overall super fun to be around. Mateo's intellect will brings all the hoes to the yard. Although he will get all the bitches, a Mateo is also extremely sensitive and sweet. Mateo is the best. Treasure your Mateo.
Wow jeez! Look at that Mateo! So cool! Talk to me in Spanish!
by Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooow February 09, 2013
Polynesian name for Matthew. Used as a comment for something amazing, great you've just seen.

Mateo!!! this chick has the most massive tits I've ever seen in my life !
by Francesco June 06, 2005
1.the spanish name for matthew.

2.steven tit's definition for "im special".
1.i want to name my son mateo. brother is mateo. lmco jasmines book 4 shop
by pamela r. March 21, 2008
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