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Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
USMC slang meaning old, faded, or well-used; it has a positive connotation.
"Where'd you get those salty binoculars?" "They were my grandfather's; he was a Marine in World War Two." "Outstanding!"
by FormerMarinefromOregon January 07, 2006
A phrase yelled at the top of your lungs when something is unpleasant and causes deep discomfort.
The phrase 'salty' originates from the word 'brackish' which has the double meaning of 'slightly salty' and 'unpleasant or distasteful'.
"We have a test tomorrow"
by androo berone February 17, 2014
Rattled, mean, rude
Man, Jason was acting salty yesterday
by MadAtJason420 February 04, 2014
When a sugar daddy is broke he is salty.
When he showed up in a Honda I knew he was salty.
by Sugarnotsalt August 04, 2013
Being overly emotionally mad
I called Joseph salty, he just became even more salty.
by Shwoogy July 27, 2014
Angry, agitated, annoyed, upset.
She was very salty after they roasted her.
by Librarian8 July 14, 2014
A teenaged girl who is passive aggressive and slightly "ratchet."
"What's up with Emma lately? She's been so rude!"

"Don't worry about her. She's salty.
by Fly Muffin July 09, 2014