Slang; A word used in the FGC (Fighting Game Community) to describe someone who is upset. (mainly because of their loss to someone.) Though the word's primary use lies in the FGC, it can also be used in any other context to describe being upset.
FGC Context

Mike Ross gets really salty when he loses in friendlies.

I'm hella salty that Combofiend got 4th at Evo yesterday.

Other Contexts

My mom made me stay home and clean my room so I couldn't go to the party. I was so salty.
by moonman2012 July 09, 2012
Angry, agitated, annoyed, upset.
She was very salty after they roasted her.
by Librarian8 July 14, 2014
Somebody who contains large quantities of sodium chloride,thus causing them to be upset.
Steve put too much salt on his fries,and now he's salty.
by The Guy of Enlightenment June 03, 2016
Military Definition - A senior member who has been around for awhile, many times referring to the washed out look of old utilities worn through the years and several deployments.
Salty Dude - No joke, Baghdad in 2004 was intense.
New Boot - Oh Sergeant your so salty!
Salty Dude - Yeah, now GET THE FUCK OUT
by 556boyer June 05, 2011
the act of being a salted pretzel.
"hey man. you're looking salty today."

"that's because I'm a pretzel, Bob."
by Catie Mathews September 10, 2014
adj: to have a mean, annoying, or repulsive attitude
1. Omg, stop being so salty

2. Why are you acting salty today?
by awesomeness_undercover February 19, 2015
A term originating from the United States Navy, used to describe disgruntled senior enlisted members. Also used to describe someone who has sea experience from a prior deployment, for whom the romanticized idea of ship life is gone, and replaced with sea salt.
Sailor: You got caught sleeping during general quarters, what happened?

Shitbag: I got yelled at for hours by some salty old senior chief.
by mgwarner January 02, 2015
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