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4 definitions by bivouac

(n)(v)Military term: 1. Used to describe someone who is right out of boot camp and or their MOS school; 2. one who is unexperienced; 3. usually the target of hazing; 4. One who is still stuck in boot camp mode.
"We just got a fresh shipment of boots in our victor unit yesterday. Let's give them a warm infantry welcome!"

"You still put your cover in your cargo pocket? You boot!"

"We don't care what your drill instructor said!"
by bivouac June 01, 2005
Used of Marines for someone who is very experienced at their job and/or who has been enlisted for a long time.

also see salty
"Grandpa was with those salt dogs that took Iwo Jima."

"The guys who took Fallujah were some salt dogs!"
by bivouac June 01, 2005
Shortened form of "oorah"

Often used by Marines.

Can be used in some cases as a greeting to officers in place of the time of day.
"Rah sir!"
"Oorah Devil Dog!"
by bivouac June 01, 2005
Used to describe either a Marine or Sailor who has been enlisted far longer than his peers and is proficient at his or her MOS.

Also see salt dog
"That First Sergeant is one salty Marine"
by bivouac June 01, 2005