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1. Powerful person
2. Strong person
Bob is a real Salar.
by slar February 23, 2006
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1: An unevolved form of the human race, likely extinct

2: The leader of the renowned Big Fist Clan in the slums of Thornhill, known widely for solving problems with their fists
Hey Kenny, watch out for my Salar
by The mangy dog January 29, 2005
This particular, vicious, beast thrives in dark & moist places. Can usually be found lurking in toilets self-proclaiming its awesomeness.

Synonyms ~ Stinky, Smelly, Dumb, Cunt.
Harry: "Ahhhh Seb! You having a good night mate?"
Seb: "Harry, *Sniff* you are being such a Salar tonight"
by 1 can man November 14, 2013

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