The fine art of getting really wet, really cold, going nowhere really fast, while spending large amounts of money
Sailing owns, though
by jackts9999 May 03, 2009
Top Definition
The Greatest Sport in the world. Where you sail a boat via the sail catching wind. You can also race sailboats in something called a regatta this is equivelent to a swim meet on a boat, consisting of a number of races where the boat who did the best overall wins the regatta.
Sailing Rules. Comon Everyone's doing it
by Tom Russell August 18, 2005
A sport that includes leaping over centerboard housing every time you tack causing lots of bruises and cuts on your legs; especially in a 420 (by the way - it's a type of boat - nothing to do with pot dumbasses) and if you are lucky enough not to be cut or bruised on your legs you probably have a concussion from being too slow to duck during a tack or gybe.
Sailing is the best sport EVERRR
by Sailor_Savvy August 26, 2007
sailing: (v.) to manhandle the wind as to propel a sailboat on the very edge of catastrophe. see also: insanity, beastlyness, and epic.
Dude, you wanna go sailing today? It's blowing 35 knots

Did you expect me to say anything other than YES?
by MajorSailor December 20, 2009
a kool sport, that is on da water
i am going sailing with my frends
by Rik February 02, 2005
Drinking an abundance of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
Yo dude, Me and Donald went sailing with the Captain last night!!
by Travis November 23, 2004
To drink Sailor Jerrys Rum
"Yo dude, wanna go sailing later?"
"Bruce is sailing this evening!"
by hanw June 18, 2008
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