Stands for "Shits and Giggle(s).

It can replace LOL or LOLs.
I just pranked that guy!


I did it just for the LOLs!

I just pranked that guy!


I did it just for the SAGs!
by GotRice? September 06, 2011
acronym for "Sick Asian Gambler"
I was at a bay area casino and all I could find were a bunch of SAGs.
by Woody Claimer April 25, 2010
Acronym for Shits-and-Giggles.
You sure you don't want to do this?
Aw, c'mon, lets do it just for SAG.
by FunDotCom April 06, 2010
A slang for the scrotum.
He kicked my sags.

NOT he kicked me in the sags.
by Gunkglumb June 02, 2005
Screen Actors Guild.
by Rakeyohn November 03, 2003
A term used often to explain people (Dragonsfury) that are actively homosexual on roleplaying pixel pet sites. Also used an an expression for severe homosexuality or indecency.
That guy is such a sag.
by pokemainz September 06, 2010
Suck at games(adj).
Someone, particularly avid or veteran gamers who despite their experience and/or enthusiasm, really suck at video games.
Jeez man, this is like the tenth time you've died on this level... you're such a SAG.
by sound_envision August 09, 2008

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