Pants that are worn below the waste line, exposing the boxers. Oversized pants make it easier because it drops as the belt is adjusted. It is believed this originated in prison. Male prisoners would wear pants that were sagging in order to have sex and not get caught. Sex is prohibited in prison and the guards would catch the male prisoners having sex or with their pants down. The idea of sagging made it easier for male prisoners to have sex and pull their
pants up as the guards approached.
Sag til you drop, bend over when you drop.
by JC87 July 21, 2006
Stands for "Shits and Giggle(s).

It can replace LOL or LOLs.
I just pranked that guy!


I did it just for the LOLs!

I just pranked that guy!


I did it just for the SAGs!
by GotRice? September 06, 2011
acronym for "Sick Asian Gambler"
I was at a bay area casino and all I could find were a bunch of SAGs.
by Woody Claimer April 25, 2010
Acronym for Shits-and-Giggles.
You sure you don't want to do this?
Aw, c'mon, lets do it just for SAG.
by FunDotCom April 06, 2010
Suck at games(adj).
Someone, particularly avid or veteran gamers who despite their experience and/or enthusiasm, really suck at video games.
Jeez man, this is like the tenth time you've died on this level... you're such a SAG.
by sound_envision August 09, 2008
Accronym for Straight Acting Gay. First coined by Lance Bass.
Girl 1 "Oh man that guy... he's so foine!"

Girl 2 "Don't ask him out, he's a SAG. I know, my brother and him are an item."
by Jaminman July 27, 2006
A slang for the scrotum.
He kicked my sags.

NOT he kicked me in the sags.
by Gunkglumb June 02, 2005

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