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To sag someone is to anal or get analed by a black person, on a waterbed, videotaping yourself, with a hippopotamus dancing in the background.
Nathaniel: Can I sag you?
Eric: Fuck no!
by Alexander Gags April 10, 2008
to wish someone death by ingesting a live grenade. Swallow a grenade
Joe: Hey Phil, your car is gay
Phil: oh yeah Joe, well sag (swallow a grenade)
by philfromphilly March 03, 2007
Best bud in the wholllllllle world, yeah, i went there
Sags pwns, i <3 sags, emo sucks
by Drew March 23, 2005
To do nothing, lie around and be lazy
I'm just sagging, watching TV
by Barry June 04, 2004
Acronym for a Socially Awkward Guy or Socially Awkward Girl. Usually a computer literate individual who lacks social skills.
The ultimate SAG (Socially Awkward Guy) would have an awkward laugh, unknowingly try to sustain conversations with people who are not their friends and have no interest talking to them, and do not know when to stop or when they have crossed any commonly understood social boundaries.
by Marie_Tano September 13, 2007
usually meaning a nerdy asian girl, who suddenly changes and sleeps with random guys, becoming a sluty asian girl
"Do you still keep in touch with Jessica?"- John
"No, she is such a SAG!"- Tracy
by Tarbox June 21, 2007
an offensive word that is said to a person who did anything displeasing to you.
"I can't believe you did that, you Sag!"
by imran sag astum July 10, 2008