(N) A person who constantly fails at things, and usually their names are Carlos, Andrew, Ben, or Gabbi.
(Vb) when you fail at something
(Adj) not done right
(N) You're such a sag.
(Vb) Stop sagging on us, jeez.
(Adj) Ben, you did such a saggly job mowing the lawn.
by Dr. Giraffey April 06, 2013
an acronym for "shits and giggles"
I just pooed on the table for sag

........just for sag
by willbur September 22, 2012
A slang term used to refer to a girl who's breast area has either reached the point of extreme sagging, or even at a young 20 something age already sag to a tremendous level.
"Hey dude, look at that s.a.g over there her's are like hitting the floor lmao!"

"Dude did you see Kati last night? I didn't know she was a s.a.g!"

"Holy crap man did you see Freddie's mom when we went down the beach? S.a.g man, sooo s.a.g"
by MattStoneAndTreyParkerAreGods December 15, 2011
Acronym for "Straight Acting Gay," pronounced like the word, "sag." A punnish alternative to the homophobic slur, fag, on account of its sound.
Popularized by former NSync member, Lance Bass, in a 2006 interview.
"I had no idea that guy was gay. I guess they'd call him a "S.A.G.?"
by The Urban Husky October 13, 2011
abbrevition for a girl with a strange face but is hot anyway. it stands for Strangely Attractive Girl
That bitch has a nice body, face is meh

Shes an S.A.G
by christian bulmer March 29, 2008
Screen Actors Guild.
by Rakeyohn November 03, 2003
students against gays
person 1 : would you like to join the gay student union
person 2 : hell no i'm with S.A.G
by cold blooded May 25, 2008

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