Smell of sweat and semen mixed together in your crotch.
Aw, dude, you smell like sag.
by Negi December 25, 2004
To wear one's trousers lower than the intended waist line, hence the back of the trousers "sag". Some believe "sagging" origionated in America, particuarly amongst the black comunity. Men that had been arrested and sent to jail would be malnurished and therefore skinier upon leaving thus causing their trousers to hang lower around their waist; "sag".
LOok at dat boi tryin 2 sag....
by i_s_t_h_a_t_m_y_t_i_e_? March 01, 2004
1 - what your boobs do when u're old
2 - "sahg" the best thing to order in an indian restaurant.
"my boobs sag"
"i love sag paneer"
by coolgirl April 21, 2005
Stands for Small Aggressive Gimp Syndrome.
Characteristics include shouting, twitching, and being overly aggressive towards others, while maintaining a lower than average height.
Can also result in increased ego and delusions of being attractive.
X: Hey Ollie, you're ugly
X: Oh and also, you have split ends
Ollie: ARGH!!! NO I DON'T!!!
by Archie December 06, 2004
SAGS (South African Gaming Syndrome) is a common syndrome on most gaming servers in South Africa. The syndrome is characterised by dishonourable players cheating (aimbotting, wallhacking etc.) on public servers and when confronted they regard the comments as flattery and complimentary. In their minds cheating and attaining false accomplishments is a sign of real skill and instead of being ashamed they are extremely proud and arrogant. Once confronted their comrades also rally up to protect their friend by resorting to immature and delinquent exchanges refering to the accuser and usually gets called a noob in the process.
Look at that limp dick mothefucker with SAGS emptying out the server.
by Joemase February 02, 2014
(N) A person who constantly fails at things, and usually their names are Carlos, Andrew, Ben, or Gabbi.
(Vb) when you fail at something
(Adj) not done right
(N) You're such a sag.
(Vb) Stop sagging on us, jeez.
(Adj) Ben, you did such a saggly job mowing the lawn.
by Dr. Giraffey April 06, 2013
Severe Acute Girlfriend Syndrome

Although the Signs and Symptoms of SAGS are unfortunately ever expanding due to the worldwide decline of studliness since the 1500s and the onset of women’s rights movements, equality, and good governance. Here is a list of some general ones that you should look out for in order to ascertain whether you or a friend may have contracted SAGS;
1. Saying you can’t go to the bar with your buddies because you are having a candle light dinner that you’ve prepared for a broad
2. Use of the world girlfriend when talking about a Broad/Slut/Bitch
3. Use of the word girl when you’re talking about a Broad/Slut/Bitch
4. Sleeping with the same girl three nights in a row. Like they always say... two ‘s company and three’s a clusterfuck (read: crowd)
5. Calling a broad on your phone
6. Texting a broad more than thrice a day
7. Paying for a broads meal
8. Allowing a broad to call you pet names
9. Interrupting stud time to answer a phone call in a voice that one would use with an infant
10. Being Committed to one Broad
11. Having a picture of a Broad as the screensaver on your phone
12. Saying, “I have SAGS” and feeling embarrassed about it (which you should)
13. Someone telling you that you have SAGS, yes this means you likely have been found guilty of symptom 14...You must always trust a fellow Stud
14. The loss of general studliness that can in any way be traced to relations with a broad
Sleeping with the same broad three nights in a row. Like they always say... two ‘s company and three’s a clusterfuck

Someone telling you that you have SAGS, yes this means you likely have been found guilty of symptom
by deks March 04, 2012
A slang term used to refer to a girl who's breast area has either reached the point of extreme sagging, or even at a young 20 something age already sag to a tremendous level.
"Hey dude, look at that s.a.g over there her's are like hitting the floor lmao!"

"Dude did you see Kati last night? I didn't know she was a s.a.g!"

"Holy crap man did you see Freddie's mom when we went down the beach? S.a.g man, sooo s.a.g"
by MattStoneAndTreyParkerAreGods December 15, 2011

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