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4 definitions by willbur

Pronounced "gee-NI-eh-tee"

1.Sarcastic comment on someone's action.
Can also be used in conjuction with issues(geniety issues)
Man, you have geniety issues for impregnating your girlfriend
by Willbur February 17, 2006
4 1
Acronym for "just for shits and giggles" The answer to everything in life! If you're not sure why you're doing something and need a reason.....
"why the hell did you as an april fools knock and run leaving a dung spreader outside my house!"

"..........Jf sag really."

"oh, ok then, fair enough"
by willbur September 25, 2012
0 0
Pronounced "noo-gaht"

1.The little cylindrical meaty thing in "Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards".
2.Anything cool. Usually pertaining to a video game.
"That boomstick is sooooo pimp nougat!"
by Willbur February 17, 2006
2 2
an acronym for "shits and giggles"
I just pooed on the table for sag

........just for sag
by willbur September 22, 2012
9 12