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When a person is acting dumb like they dont know what is happening! Or when they talk out of their neck!
"You acting real flagrant!"
Example:Rashad Robert Johnson Jr.
by Enaj Guthrie & Kayla Wilson December 07, 2007
16 15
Noun: A distinctive odor that immediately on smell conjures up a taste sensation in the mouth.

A taste experience through the nostrils.

A combination of Flavour and Fragrant.
These Cheese Burger flavoured crisps are particularly flagrant wouldn't you say?
by Donni Zimmer June 16, 2010
11 14
Homosexual like. - From N.O.R.E
by Diego August 28, 2003
25 34
Breaking the law
"Yo you best be careful tonight with that gat, especially if you is going to be flagrant."
by Tha Shiz March 21, 2004
14 27