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The act of putting your balls on someone
Joe passed out so I sacked him and took a picture
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
to get absolutely fucked up or,
to consume wholeheartedly or with fervent anticipation
"Bro i'm fucking sacked off these tacks aye..."

"Sack those fucking beers you sissy" - Scozz
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
To lower a cars suspension to a large, often ridiculous extent.
"fully phat as car bro, sacked on chromies...."

He sacked it out on 18's, couldn't get up his own driveway...
by =cJ= February 20, 2005
When a male child is mad at his parents, he dips his sack in semen and then dibs his sack into his parents favorite bag of snackfood
I hate my family so i sacked their chips
by tony g. rabbit November 28, 2007