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if you sack something, you mess it up really badly. The usual result is that you end up hurting yourself. Usually used when explaining the incident and saying "he sacked it"
"did you see that guy run hit that wall?"
"yeh , apparently he was trying to free run, he COMPLETELY sacked it
by krazydave September 27, 2009
To place your balls on someones upper body (preferrably shoulder) and say "You have just been sacked!" or To rub someones possesions on your balls and give it back to them(preferrably their gum).
Myles placed his balls on Tackett's shoulder, and Dusty yelled "You have just been sacked!"
by Myles, Dusty, and Tackett December 05, 2007
To lower a cars suspension by a large, often excessive amount.
"fully phat as car bro, sacked on chromies..."

He sacked it out on 18's, couldn't get up his own driveway..
by =cJ= February 20, 2005
To dump or be dumped in an un-amicable way (usually coz the person getting sacked has been caught out for being a slapper or manwhore).
"Nah, I'm not seein Tara no more, she's been sacked for sleepin with my cousin."
by CS January 08, 2004
When something is really lame. Commonly used in North-Western Ontario and Eastern Manitoba.
Josh: So Our teacher just gave us a new essay today.
James: Thats sacked!
by world-eater November 20, 2010
knocking some haggard dude to the ground after he kicks you out of the house for hooking up with his ex.
too bad your ass got sacked!
by shark devine March 20, 2005
A prank involving a person hanging his sack out through his open zipper and then walking into a room full of people. Usually announcing as he enters the room "You all are about to be sacked"
That SOB just walked in and sacked us. He's lucky I didn't flick him in his junk!
by Jay February 10, 2005