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derived from a tagalog word which translates into "soup"

1. refers to somebody who is so incredibly stupid

2. the state of one's brain turning into soup from stupidity
"squirrels walk on rainbows!"

"dude, you're so sabaw!"
by s-fly March 19, 2009
1. A language from the philippines that means soup.

2. Another term for the filipinos which means female organ or simply sex (The Action).

3. Geo's (Geralyn Ambrocio) term for "Palpak". Palpak is a filipino language which means "Screwed up"
1. Let's go to Andok's Restaurant, because I love their sabaw.

2. I went out last night there are a lot of dudette and they're all sabaw.

3. I had my tattoo done. It's sabaw. Arrrggg.
by Scene's Guy February 15, 2011
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