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The unofficial but most widely accepted name of The Alabama Polytechnic Institute near Opelika, Alabama. Other commonly accepted names for the school include The Cow College, The Barn, The West Georgia Institute for Higher Milking, and sometimes Auburn University.
I studied cow milking and manure spreading at Aubarn but I flunked out and had to play football.
by Arsee December 31, 2010
To get handed an embarrassing, lop-sided beat-down in a game of football.
WOW!! Did you see the Aubarn Tiggers get Saban'd 42-14?
by Arsee February 09, 2012
Proper verb. Synoymous with "terminated". It is what happens to formerly popular and successful college football coaches after particularly embarrassing or multiple losses to coach Nick Saban and and his team, the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama. The term applies whether the affected coach is fired in shame, or is allowed to step down and maintain a degree of dignity.
Who do you think will be the next great coach to get "Sabanated" and leave the SEC for good?
by Arsee February 06, 2012
Another of the many widely accepted names for the University of Alabama's football stepchild, the West Georgia Cow College, which is also occasionally referred to as Auburn University.
Despite the mountain of trash they talk daily I guess it just isn't possible for Allbarn to win more than one NCAA Division 1 National Football Championship every fifty years or so.
by Arsee January 17, 2014
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