abbrev. for straight-edge. straight-edge is a movement of people who want to retain prudish christian systems of morality but portray themselves as "badass" at the same time. not all straight-edgers are violent, but violence certainly isn't one of the things a sXer takes a vow against.

they generally fall into one of two categories:

1. prudish sXe- these are the non-violent ones that are content to feel self-righteous about upholding a christian lifestyle (even though sXe is "not" christian).

2. nazi sXe- the ones that kick people's asses because they do drugs. yeah that makes sense, personal freedom is a bad thing, but beating the shit out of people who disagree with your set of ideals is just great.
"i was just trying to enjoy a beer when this group of 20 sXe kids surrounded me, smashed my beer and pinned me down as they beat the shit out of me and cut me with the broken bottle!! fuckin sXe nazis, don't they have anything better to do, like blow up an abortion clinic?"
by beeba January 04, 2005
Kids who dont drink, do drugs or have crazy sex.
"I cant get laid, cant get weed, cant get alcohol. IM SXE!"
by Wuato March 04, 2005
Complete fucking losers. (straight edge)
Wow, that guy is so sxe.
by Heero_Yuy June 10, 2007
People who seem to want to ignore all the pleasures available to them in life. And don't seem to realise that even sugar is a drug. Makes about as much sense as christianity but, shockingly, actually manages to be less fun.
Don't preach to me until you've taken the time to actually experience drugs yourself.
by Zachary March 28, 2005
Widely known as "Straight Edge".

However, it CAN be used as "sexy", or can be a misspelling of "sex".
Internet Convo
Guy: Carmen...Yeah, she's fuckin' sxe.
Other Guy: Yeah I know, she turns down drugs/beer/casual sex when offered. I know...'cause I already asked.
Guy: Dumbass, I'm meant sexy.
Other Guy: Oh, my bad, thought you were talking about straight edge (FTW).
Guy: Fuck the what? Nobody cares about that trend.
Other Guy: No, I meant the lifetime commitment, non-fad kind.
Guy: Oh, that's fuckin' alright, then.
by Highly Evolved June 24, 2006
Straight Edge. Meaning people who do not drink smoke or have sex. It is just another trend that people have started to follow on their quest to be different from everyone else.
Person 1:"Would you like a drink"
Straight Edge: "Ahem *makes a big scene* NO!! I'm Straight Edge!duuuhhhh I dont drink!"..

Here is that example again in normal curcumstances..

Person 1:"Would you like a drink"
Person 2: "No, thank you"
by Larajane August 11, 2005
Straight Edge. A basic term for youth crew, and some modern "emo" kids who think they are better than the rest of the world because they dont drink, use drugs, or casualy sleep around. Often times modern sxe kids dont eat meat becuase its "impure" or some shit. It all started with a missenterpritation of a Minor Threat song, in which the lyrics go: "I've got the Straight edge". The song was a vent on the frustration with piers of the band who did these things in excess. It was never meant to start a movement, and wasnt a cry for more people to do the same. But since so many of Minor Threats songs were vents on this situation, people started to worship the term straight edge. Bands like Youth Crew and Gorilla Biscuts furtherd the sxe ideas, and thus the Youth Crew was born.
Phil: "man, im so Sxe I dont drink or nothing! Im so cool with my white sweatshirt and my white sneakers!"

Rich: "you retard, you saying your straight edge is like me saying im an anarchist, all because of some trendy ass song..."
by Skoll August 12, 2005

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