Kids who dont drink, do drugs or have crazy sex.
"I cant get laid, cant get weed, cant get alcohol. IM SXE!"
by Wuato March 04, 2005
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Straightedge abbreviation meant to look badass even though that person obviously fails at being said badass.

Substaining from drugs/alcohol/sex gone horribly wrong when introduced to emo kids who take a dip into being even more scene whorish.

Then they spend their days flaunting it.
"Oh yeah, well I'm sXe."

"Die emo kid."
by ...howwedo... August 04, 2005
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Straight edge refers to a way of life that began within the woods of Arizona whose minions abstain from evils such as alcohol, smoking, and other recreational drug use. There is considerable debate between these wood dwellers over what constitutes a straight edge lifestyle. Some adherents may also abstain from caffeine, psychiatric medication (scientology is an offshoot of straight edge), gummi bears, sugar, jaffa cakes, quality street, tea, biting your finger nails and eating them, scratching ones gentials, farting in the presence of others, fun & laughter, the records of Engelbert Humperdinck and promiscuity (however frequent masturbation is encouraged by some), or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is generally understood that straight edged people will explode if they drink coffee.
Waitress to the boy: Would you like some coffee?
Boy: No, thank you, I am sXe I would explode.
by Ole' Greg February 19, 2008
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Straight Edge. A basic term for youth crew, and some modern "emo" kids who think they are better than the rest of the world because they dont drink, use drugs, or casualy sleep around. Often times modern sxe kids dont eat meat becuase its "impure" or some shit. It all started with a missenterpritation of a Minor Threat song, in which the lyrics go: "I've got the Straight edge". The song was a vent on the frustration with piers of the band who did these things in excess. It was never meant to start a movement, and wasnt a cry for more people to do the same. But since so many of Minor Threats songs were vents on this situation, people started to worship the term straight edge. Bands like Youth Crew and Gorilla Biscuts furtherd the sxe ideas, and thus the Youth Crew was born.
Phil: "man, im so Sxe I dont drink or nothing! Im so cool with my white sweatshirt and my white sneakers!"

Rich: "you retard, you saying your straight edge is like me saying im an anarchist, all because of some trendy ass song..."
by Skoll August 12, 2005
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short for "straightedge." a term used by hardcore douchebags as an excuse to hide the real reason they don't drink or smoke: they're pussies. if you really were straightedge because you actually believed drinking smoking and sex were wrong, you wouldn't give it a name.
"hey, want a beer?"
"sure! i just say i'm sXe so i can put x's on my hands at hardcore shows!"
"never mind."
by imnothardcore December 04, 2006
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Straight Edge. Meaning people who do not drink smoke or have sex. It is just another trend that people have started to follow on their quest to be different from everyone else.
Person 1:"Would you like a drink"
Straight Edge: "Ahem *makes a big scene* NO!! I'm Straight Edge!duuuhhhh I dont drink!"..

Here is that example again in normal curcumstances..

Person 1:"Would you like a drink"
Person 2: "No, thank you"
by Larajane August 11, 2005
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Kids who, after having exhausted all means of shocking the "straight" world, have decided that the only recourse left is to become aggressively straight themselves. Generally describes hopeless losers who will continue to more or less abstain from drink, drugs and sex until some new fad or celebrity tells them to do otherwise.
I be hardcore sXe except on the weekends when I drink 9 quarts of apple martini and go trolling for skank.
by smacktard September 02, 2004
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