What little fuckers call themselves to try and be all cool and hardcore, but they really are pussies who are scared of drugs or something. Straightedgers have no fun.
Hannah: You want some vodka?
Michael: NOOOO Im sXe!
Hannah: Aw shit what you want instead, milk?
by Hannah Banana!! July 08, 2006
those goth/punk kids who think theyre awesome because they dont use/get laid...
that straightedge kid always walks around campus with a bass and wears more eyeliner than my freshman sister
by agnostic carebear May 29, 2005
I love you fucking morons. You should all know the Straight Edge is a hXc Nazi crew that kills people they dont like. Know what the fuck your talking about before you try to represent it.
Hey I'm in Straight Edge. Lets go kill minorities and people who drink and smoke. Oh yeah cant forget those scumbags who give us a bad name putting sXe on everything, lets kill them too!
by Vinny 5x1x6 April 21, 2005
alternative spelling of "sexy". however, the 'x' should be a capital letter. popular in zine culture.
a sXe girl
by Emily May 15, 2003

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