pretty much a choice to live life without habit forming activities. The most common of these is no drinking, no drugs and no casual sex. Most sxe kids go to shows in groups together, and mark their hands with big black "X"s to represent they don't drink and volunteer to put the X on their hand. They also two-step and hardcore dance, which is common especially at Straight Edge shows! I personally live by the straight edge lifestyle, and it probably saved my life.
emogirl-"like omg do you see those kids whatre they doing?"
sxeboy-"they're stepping, duh."
emogirl-"rofl i should have seen the X's on their hands XD
here are a few examples:
by xxxchanelforrealxxx June 15, 2007
Straight Edge- a lifestyle choice that I knew about as a teenager in the 90's more or less pertaining to the abstinence from alcohol, drugs and meat.

sXe-When asked c. 1996 by then peers what I thought it meant, I replied: "it means sex." to which they snickered. Probably b/c it has the same letters as 'sex' and the big 'X' in the middle made me think of x rated. Apparently I never made the connection until now. I stand corrected. Thanks UD.
Matt's sXe; he's vegetarian, and he doesnt drink or do drugs.
by socially distorted October 31, 2008
Straight Edge. Toxin Free. Purist. Crutchless. Take your pick. NO drugs, No Drink, No Fuck!
sXe is a lifestyle and a total commitment to purism of the body, and hence the mind.
by Grendel October 18, 2003
to the morons that tried to be hardcore over the freakin internet and said that straight edge people are only emo and think they are better than everyone else, "you are really retarted" just cause someone is edge doesnt mean their emo and doesnt mean they think their better than people who do drugs and drink, im straight edge because i want to have a clean life, not be better than you guys, i even hang around people who do that stuff and i dont look down on them a bit, my friends are the coolest guys to hang with, please give up this stereotypic lifestyle and try to understand soemthing before talkin shit
being sxe is the only way for me
by anonymouslam September 19, 2006
sXe, an amazing abbreviation for straightedge / straight edge / straight-edge. it symbolizes making a lifestyle choice, not following some stupid trend, if you're not ready to make the commitment for life, then yeah, maybe you should follow the practices, but you're not quite there yet. sXe people refrain from using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco (considered a drug by the way). they also refrain from having premarital sex. in some extreme cases I've even heard of people abstaining from using "foul language" , i.e. swearing which a lot of people did while defining this term...yep yep.

it is also my understanding that the movement was started by Minor Threat with some of their song lyrics, and that the "x"s represent the "x"s that minors had to wear on their hands when in clubs to listen to the bands so that bartenders knew they couldn't have alcohol (some hardcore straightedges tattooed "x" on their hands so that they could show the world who/what they are).

God is not a poison, and should not be avoided as such by straight edge people, many people even choose to use God as their reason for being sXe.
katielouwhoo: "what are you doing this weekend angy?"
crazydazy: "going to a christian show, i'm so glad that I want to be as pure as possible for God when I meet him..."
katielouwhoo: "yeahh, it's great being sXe...none of that crap for me."
both: "sXe ... it's the only way to be."
*break into laughter at their amazingness*
by crazydazy December 29, 2006
group that believes they should keep their bodies pure by abstaining from drugs and sex. the reason is to take care of their bodies by keeping them free from poison. unfortunately they are unaware of the chemical compounds found in their drinking water, food, air, and water all of which are several times more deadly than substances such as marijuana.
"i'm sXe so i dont do drugs, even though the nitrosamine preservatives in most of my food are more harmful than aforementioned drugs!"
by dooshy99 September 12, 2009
Straight edge refers to a way of life that began within the woods of Arizona whose minions abstain from evils such as alcohol, smoking, and other recreational drug use. There is considerable debate between these wood dwellers over what constitutes a straight edge lifestyle. Some adherents may also abstain from caffeine, psychiatric medication (scientology is an offshoot of straight edge), gummi bears, sugar, jaffa cakes, quality street, tea, biting your finger nails and eating them, scratching ones gentials, farting in the presence of others, fun & laughter, the records of Engelbert Humperdinck and promiscuity (however frequent masturbation is encouraged by some), or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is generally understood that straight edged people will explode if they drink coffee.
Waitress to the boy: Would you like some coffee?
Boy: No, thank you, I am sXe I would explode.
by Ole' Greg February 19, 2008
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