Straightedge abbreviation meant to look badass even though that person obviously fails at being said badass.

Substaining from drugs/alcohol/sex gone horribly wrong when introduced to emo kids who take a dip into being even more scene whorish.

Then they spend their days flaunting it.
"Oh yeah, well I'm sXe."

"Die emo kid."
by ...howwedo... August 04, 2005
Another shitty trend that the sheep follow.

Basically a wannabe rocker style of life, WITHOUT: the sex, drugs, rock n roll or any good style of rock whatsoever.

60's and 70's: sex, drugs, rock n roll, amazing bands, guitar solos, amazing guitarists.

90's and 2000's: "underground concerts" "hardcore" no sex, no drugs, no guitar solos, shitty bands, faggish haircuts, shitty trends, "goth" "emo" "sxe" and other stupid shit and poser style music genres.

I think most of the good rock, heavy metal and great guitarists died out in the 80's before the start of the 90's.

Also see the word poser for more information.

here's a new sub-genre for you, poser-metal, poser-rock
Probably you, you fuckin sxe poser.
by Proeliatoranimus March 04, 2007
Alright people, let me make this clear. You can't be sXe if you are under 21, you dumbasses. If you're under 21, it's called "doing what you should be doing." However, you choose to ignore some of the guilty pleasures that some greater power has given to us. So, you're just missing out. Have fun, but don't rub it in other people's faces. Please, just die.
sXe'r: Hey, look! I'm sXe! I just don't have sex 'cause I can't get no poon tang!

me: Right you are.
by Stoner 420 Everyday December 02, 2006
vegetarians dont eat

edge kids dont smoke, drink or have mindless sex

they don't understand why you would go out, drink until you cant think right or control your action, pass out and take the risk of choking on your vomit
Elvis was not sXe, he died on the shitter
by mike September 28, 2004
Used by emos to define their life...They willinly "give up" on sex, alcohol and drugs...but many seem to smoke and drink on the weekends... SxE mainly means straight edge...though many emos fail.
SXE I'm soooo straight edge!
by Master Patrick Claire Thompson August 04, 2006
A term used by God damn w-emos (wannabe emo, like a wigger but way more flambouyantly homosexual)who offer nothing to society and have given up on life. The reason that they don't do drugs have sex etc. is cuz they don't have any friends so they don't get invited to parties to even try these things they detest so. Being as they don't have any friends they never go out to pick up members of the opposite sex so they'll never know the pleasures of the warm vagina. In essence they are just too lazy, or gay, or religious or something, to even try to make friends so they gave up and use the "straight edge" label as an excuse not to make real friends or to grow up and have fun. The most annoying part is that they seem to think that its the best the thing in the world and that everyone needs to know about it and do it too. They consider it a "way of life" so it's kinda like when the mormon people come to your door and try to sell you mormon bibles and shit.
Fag-mo(SxE Kid): how can you poison your bodies with all that drugging and sex and stuff, i'm a striaght edge bitch. whaa.
Geek(who gets more action than the SxE): Actually, studies conducted by John Hopkins medical have found that sexual intercourse, or the act of coitus, is extremly healthy and should practiced 3 times a week at least; and what's more i could kick your ass even though my penis has a larger girth than my bicepts.
Jock(who gets 80 times more than geek)and some of us who havent given up on a social life or one after high school for that matter, are under a piss load of stress between keeping our grades up and being able to compete at our optimal performance level. We use the drugs and alcohol to relax. Were not stoners who do it every day just on weekends when the season's over.
Big Ben(A large Black pimp): Word Beeeotch. I smoke crack rocks cuz i gotta lotta shit goin down. All the mutha-fukkas i bin cappin, man, keep showin up in my dreams an shit, nigga. I gotta lucritive enterprise up in this beitch too. Niggas pay big doh to be sleepin' wit' my ho. Word. Keep it real, nigga.
by mahmoud ahmadinejad August 14, 2007
Kids who, after having exhausted all means of shocking the "straight" world, have decided that the only recourse left is to become aggressively straight themselves. Generally describes hopeless losers who will continue to more or less abstain from drink, drugs and sex until some new fad or celebrity tells them to do otherwise.
I be hardcore sXe except on the weekends when I drink 9 quarts of apple martini and go trolling for skank.
by smacktard September 02, 2004
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