A term used by God damn w-emos (wannabe emo, like a wigger but way more flambouyantly homosexual)who offer nothing to society and have given up on life. The reason that they don't do drugs have sex etc. is cuz they don't have any friends so they don't get invited to parties to even try these things they detest so. Being as they don't have any friends they never go out to pick up members of the opposite sex so they'll never know the pleasures of the warm vagina. In essence they are just too lazy, or gay, or religious or something, to even try to make friends so they gave up and use the "straight edge" label as an excuse not to make real friends or to grow up and have fun. The most annoying part is that they seem to think that its the best the thing in the world and that everyone needs to know about it and do it too. They consider it a "way of life" so it's kinda like when the mormon people come to your door and try to sell you mormon bibles and shit.
Fag-mo(SxE Kid): how can you poison your bodies with all that drugging and sex and stuff, i'm a striaght edge bitch. whaa.
Geek(who gets more action than the SxE): Actually, studies conducted by John Hopkins medical have found that sexual intercourse, or the act of coitus, is extremly healthy and should practiced 3 times a week at least; and what's more i could kick your ass even though my penis has a larger girth than my bicepts.
Jock(who gets 80 times more than geek)and some of us who havent given up on a social life or one after high school for that matter, are under a piss load of stress between keeping our grades up and being able to compete at our optimal performance level. We use the drugs and alcohol to relax. Were not stoners who do it every day just on weekends when the season's over.
Big Ben(A large Black pimp): Word Beeeotch. I smoke crack rocks cuz i gotta lotta shit goin down. All the mutha-fukkas i bin cappin, man, keep showin up in my dreams an shit, nigga. I gotta lucritive enterprise up in this beitch too. Niggas pay big doh to be sleepin' wit' my ho. Word. Keep it real, nigga.
by mahmoud ahmadinejad August 14, 2007
sXe isn't just a commitment, it's a way of life, as well as a form of music related closely to hXc (hardcore). since it's a personal decision to be straight edge, it shouldn't be looked down upon as being "fucking stupid" or "pussy" because a person chooses not to partake in certain things such as sex outside of a commited relationship, illegal drugs, etc.
travisXe: hey kids, did you make it to the xbrutal fightx show last weekend?
jean: what makes you think i would be crazy enough to miss that? they're the best sXe band EVER!!
by XmissjeanX June 08, 2003
Short for Straight-edge. One of it's originators is Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi. This is the trend that's sweeping the nation slowly making it's way into the lives of most scene kids. Usually distinguised by the black "x" on their hands at hardcore shows. They commit to not taking drugs, drinking alcohol, having sex (until marriage) and for some also going vegan. For the extreme edger no cursing either. I myself have noticed very few dedicated edgers out there. Most claim straight-edge but don't live by it. They'll drink, smoke cigarettes, perform other sexual acts (ie oral) as long as its not intercourse. Edgers in other words are fairly hippocritical and think they're better than you because they lead "pure" lives. This leads to some violence to. Which you'd think would be no-no to somebody who thinks everything else is the devil.
He's not sxe, I got drunk with him last night.
by IxHatexU IxLuvxU August 31, 2005
Straight edge is a way of life free from drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex. It originated in the original hardcore and punk scene. When bands would play at all ages venues, minors were required to have X's put on the top of there hands, signifying that they were underage. When one band member, Ian Mackaye from the band Minor Threat, decided he was going to where the X's on his hands even though he wasn't underage but still free from drugs and alcohol, he built a community of people that were drug free. Straight edge eventually evolved into keeping yourself clean, and not harming your body.
some people mark themselves in tatoo's with the sxe signia,
because to most it is a life long commitment

venues that still mark X's on minors hands in the orange county area include, but not limited to: Hoques Barmichaels, The Galaxy, and the choachhouse
by xChasex June 30, 2006
Short for "Straight-Edge." Chosing. lead a life free of drinking, smoking, drugs, and casual sex.
Not to be confused with, "Hate-Edge," or, "Nazi-sXe," which is hating, or even commiting acts of violence against those who do not share the same sXe views.
Hate-Edge kids suck.
So do scene fucking posers who claim Edge, but don't commit to it.
Straight Edge is not a trend, or a temporary thing. It is a long lasting, usually life-long, commitment.

Another common misconception of Straight-Edge, is that it is tied to the Christian religion, which is not true. It has absolutely no connection to any religion of any kind.
It is simply a choice of lifestyle. It's not a weakness, nor is it a strength.
A true edger will respect all people, whether they are sXe or not.
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
sXe-Kid: No thanks.
Not-sXe-Kid: Ok.
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
Nazi-sXe-Kid: FUCK YOU!!!
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
Scene-Poser-Asshole: Sure! I'm not really Edge! I just think it makes me look cool!

by TyMan241 February 05, 2007
sxe=straight edge
meaning you don't drink or do drugs
it's not something you change your mind
about every five minutes.
it's a commitment that you make.
mr. tambourine man: hey you want some chronic?
sxe person: nah dude i'm straight edge.
i dont do that crap.

by uhh_nikki September 08, 2008
No drugs
No alcohol
No casual sex

Being straight edge is not something you decide to be one day; it takes time and thought.

Don't boast about it or put down others who don't follow such ways. The whole point of it is to respect oneself and others.

sXe is not a trend. It started before any of those stereotypical labels were even invented and it will be here when they all die out.
To all those people who think sxe is for emo, goth, or any of those lame terms: go read a book.
by flkjslkfjlkgl December 23, 2006
SxE is an abbreviation of straight-edge. Straight-edge is a lifestyle, in which a person will not drink, smoke, do drugs or have any kind of permiscious/perverted sex. Straight edge also breaks off into even smaller groups, vegans and vegetarians, Christians/religious groups, nazi/hate edge, gay edge.

Most straight edgers frown upon hate edge and hardline. Hardline is a more conservative type of straight edge, started in the late 80s by bands such as Youth of Today and Judge. Hardline is anti homosexuality, extreme veganism and Christian values.
Minor Threat are a sxe band. Ian Mackaye coined the term straight edge and influenced many young people.
by crustfan April 10, 2007

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