noun: A person in existence with a unibrow and no pinky toes. Ryans generally exhibit erratic behavior, including Mirror and Tourettes Syndromes, intense random muscle spasms, Narcolepsy, and shreiking. They tend to prefer fried spiders and government clean rooms, and usually dislike water and the color persimmon. Some Ryans have been known to frequently wet themselves at the sight of 1996 Toyota Corollas, flies, manboobs, and wicker chairs. Also, Ryans tend to be allergic to toothpaste and nostalgia. If confronted by a Ryan, the recommended procedure is flirting in an Egyptian accent and making empty promises while polka dancing and avoiding eye contact and feeding him seaweed.
You can never trust a Ryan in his natural habitat.

It is not safe to pronounce "Ryan" as "Ree-ann".
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by i'm friggin amazing February 02, 2010
Top Definition
the cutest guy ever, and has the greatest respect for girls, is funny, and very very LOVING!
Ryan wants to go to Virginia Beach to vistit one girl he met there on vacation1
#hott guys #cute guys #love #relationships #guys #romance
by schulhafer September 22, 2006
A name, which is commonly both a first or last name, which is very often confused with Brian. Its Irish roots define the name as "little king".
Wow, Ryan, you are such a little king.
#names #brian #king #irish #rian
by The Wontrob June 21, 2006
a handsome man with determination and drive, a good sense of humor, easy going and carefree. Fun to be around, easy to talk to, never fake and full of optimism.
He is a real ryan!

He is not only hot, but a of both worlds!
#package #one of a kind #sexy #independent #confident
by JSM April 21, 2008
An Irish name meaning "little king". A person worthy of the name Ryan is indeed a person of true royalty.

A handsome gentleman with a charming smile. Has the greatest respect for life and people, especially women. A great sense of humor, easy going and modest. An even greater sense of adventure. But has been known to fall to grips of an adrenaline lust, often risking himself for a thrill seek.
A person that believes in all people, until they have proven otherwise, and even then might still believe in you. His mind is amazing, slightly insane but pure genius, the only force stronger is his heart. To be loved by, is to be… Truly... Loved.
Loves a challenge, but often doesn’t often accept the reward. Gives his heart and soul to the people he cares for. He is either on top of the world smiling ear to ear or underneath it trying to lift still offering an occasional smirk.
He can be explosive so don’t shake too much. But otherwise can truly accomplish anything.
Synonymous with Perfection…. Perfection is defined by its flaws.
A great Leader, consider him yours
Wow, That was Amazing! Well, I mean I should have known, he is Ryan
#ryan #awesome #amazing #perfect #selfless
by peppergirl345 February 02, 2010
A noble ganster who shoots unstabel niggers
I wanna be ryan!
Fuck you!
#ryan #sheperd #ryan shepherd #haha #fuck #gangster
by Bae September 24, 2007
A bad ass mofo who is the iron chef of pounding vag.
All the woman want him! He has 11 1/2 inches.
Bad ass drinker who will kill your bitch ass if u fuck with him. His friends are bad ass to which is bad ass, bad ass.
Ryan is bad ass i wanna be him!
#ryan #iron chef #11 inches #vag #bad ass
by notorius big February 26, 2008
A very lovable guy, nice, funny, friendly and very very attractive, he'll sweep you off your feet.
He's so sweet, he's such a Ryan
#ryan #lol #what #do #i #put
by GUESSWHOITIS.BOO August 25, 2009
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