A man with an 11 incher who picks up a lot of milfs at the library.
That guy is such a Ryan
by Osnap05 March 21, 2009
a straight up G who basically goes to the fullest extent without any question or doubt from anybody in the whole world. To be a Ryan is a blessing from God. Some are fortunate, while others aren't. To abuse a Ryan is an ethical crime punishable by permanent confinement in purgatory. Ryans can frequently be seen doing things common to players, G's, OG's, real rappers, politically concious and extremely intelligent people boarding onto savants, but not because that would just be conceited.
"Ryan is such a G!"
"Dang Ryan sure does go, I wish i was like him."
"Did you see Ryan today. Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes, he looked so hot, I basically had an orgasm in my pants."
by savantividy February 20, 2008
An Irish name, which means "Little King" in its roots. A person with the name of Ryan is usually a kind-hearted guy that’s funny with a great sense of humor, honorable, respect for all people, especially women. The only time a Ryan does not show respect is if you piss him off, usually by giving him bullshit, doing something to him that is absolutely uncalled for, or asking dumb questions that requires some common sense to answer. Another thing that may piss him off is doubting him because he’ll go to all lengths to prove you wrong and then he will be mad at you. Be warned: Ryans are usually easy to anger and tough to cool down. Ask nicely (but not immediately after pissing him off), he will forgive you, but usually you will have to owe him one. When talking to him, he is respectful, may interrupt here and there, but above all, a great listener that is only matched by the great advice he gives. With his help, he might try to fix it if you are a close friend, but sometimes ends up screwing it over accidentally. Physically, Ryan has dark hair, hot body and dark eyes, but may not be the tallest or shortest in the area. If you are looking to date someone, then go after Ryan because if you don't, someone else will go after him. He will show more love for his gf than for anyone else, but make sure you don't do anything stupid because that may cause a break up. If he asks for your number (especially if you are a hot girl), DO NOT DENY HIM because it means he sees something in you.
Girl 1: I pissed off Ryan today, despite the fact that I like him because of his personality, and his looks are a bonus.
Girl 2: He is very understanding, go talk to him about it. Plus, he might notice you more than others.
Girl 1: Good call, I think he will understand, but I will wait a day or two before talking to him, give him time to cool down.
by Royce McMillan May 05, 2010
A man who, simply by nature, surpasses all other men. This man has more coolness in one molecule than all other men do in their entire body! Men aspire to be like him in all ways! Penis size, attractiveness, level of intellect, and general kick assness.
That guy is such a douche... Now Ryan on the other hand, he is one kick ass motherfucker!
by Rjaime December 24, 2009
Ryan is a loving, caring, and amazing person. He's a real sweetheart and knows how to be a gentlemen. This person has a pretty awesome girlfriend. He is loved by most. But those you love him back open up the real side of him. This guy is one of a kind. A man you could marry. A man you could spend the rest of your life with. He doesn't take bullshit, and likes to deal with it in a violent manner. Very soft hearted for the ones he loves.
I love you so muchh, Ryan. From your loving girlfriend, Chelsea.
by Chelseaaa Reneee June 13, 2008
The most amazing guy ever. He'll always be able to make you laugh; has a great sense of humor. He's smart, too. And don't forget EXTREMELY hot. And talented. And amazing. He's awesome. Everyone should love him.
Person1: Whoa, it's Ryan!
Person2: Yeah, I know. Im jealous.
by iAmaPersonAintThatSpecial January 17, 2010
multi-dimensional personality, sexually open and fearless, and an astounding ability to carry on a conversation that both challenges you intellectually and spiritually. Ryan defines a man that once his mind is made up, he will get what he wants. If you are able to connect with him, you forget what it was like to not know him.
"Ryan is amazing. I've known him all my life, and he knows everything about me. Yeah just was introduced a month ago, so?"
by Julzy68 February 04, 2010

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