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someone or something that can be considered unbelievable or sick (as in awesome)
"that was a ruthless night"
by Squeeky January 08, 2006
17 40
without ruth; lack of ruth; no ruth
"william's iron fisted rule is just ruthless"
by destruco beast mcD October 06, 2012
262 44
hardcore mother fucker that doesnt give a shit.
ronnie buffington is so ruthless that he shanked the mall cop and took the mall cops taser and zapped the shit outta him!
by dave March 26, 2003
491 287
To be merciless. Cruel. Having no compassion.
She begged him, but he killed her anyway. Her and her baby. He's a ruthless man.
by Arelia May 31, 2006
175 141
Having no compassion or pity; merciless
Man I can't believe that betriz is so ruthless... She would take all your money with no regret......
by Shiggidibug March 13, 2003
216 187
people that dont give a fuck n do what the fuck they want when the fuck they want.
hey man i was mackin on this bitch and i just did some ruthless shit, kinda reminded me of kev, johnny n cam
by galactico April 18, 2007
97 77
without ruth
john - "where's ruth?"

harry - "we had a big fight. now i'm ruthless. (sad face)"
by notis September 18, 2009
75 66
someone without Ruth or someone who is harsh
And cruel, someone with no pitty
When I was simply standing around the girls
Ruthless hair hit me in the face.
by Amazing geek who loves pie October 21, 2011
16 14