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funky ass rapper from the west coast and signed with Ruthless recordz
Its getting funky in here! u listenting to the D.O.C
by random user April 16, 2005
record label formed by Eric "Eazy E" Wright signed with NWA, Da lench mob, D.O.C, bone thugs and harmony
"Cuz im a mutha fucking ruthless villian!"
by random user April 16, 2005
a mean kid who is always angry and throws fits never mess with this syoshi animal hes a beast
SYoshi64: hey you! fuck off you fucking fucker!
by random user April 16, 2005
refers to the people who frequent the biome site - an online meeting place for life science students at the University of Toronto - especially those who post on the message boards, and/or have met each other through the boards.
Newbie: Do you guys know each other IRL?

Regular: Most of us do. Why don't you come down to the front row in Con Hall on Monday and introduce yourself to the biome crew?
by random user April 27, 2004
a user that has an attitude and doesnt give a fuck, no remorse
Guy 1: yo dawg lets punk these bustas
Guy 2: yea G lets go MSL on their punk asses
by random user April 16, 2005
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