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a cool and loving fren who always listens to you and a joy to be around. her smile and laughter lifts up your spirits.
you're so lucky to have a ruta! Those type of frenz are rare!
by MissLeo May 12, 2004
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Perfect girl. :)
Ruta is the hottest girl on the planet!
by Ruta May 22, 2003
A girl who is from Lithuania and a girl who loves boys
Ruta is so inlove with the British guy.
by Rue86 September 08, 2008
reamed or ripped up the ass
My mortgage company really did a ruta on me
by datasage October 03, 2009
One who has never seen dumb and dumber
Rutas never seen dumb and dumba
by pepe April 17, 2004

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