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3 definitions by MissLeo

a cool and loving fren who always listens to you and a joy to be around. her smile and laughter lifts up your spirits.
you're so lucky to have a ruta! Those type of frenz are rare!
by MissLeo May 12, 2004
93 27
Is a nice guy....to some people, but cares mostly about his video games, and will grow up to be fat and have diabetes
whos that fat ass? oh him thats josh the lazy computer addicted nerd!
by missleo April 09, 2012
23 18
a type of roommate that gets on ur ass to do your homework and study for your exams. she also doesnt know wat she wants
in my first year of colllege, i ended up rooming with a lilas, she made my life a living hell!
by MissLeo May 12, 2004
16 41