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ha hot hispanic, Mexican, or latin guy
loo that Papasito over there!!!
by Pepe February 28, 2005
Useless banter. To talk when no one cares. Usually used in succession..bok bok bok. It is kind of like the adults speaking in Charlie Brown. They are talking, but no one is listening.
Joe is talking about his girlfriend..bok bok bok
by Pepe September 28, 2004
An adult who has not had enough sex, commensurate with his/her age.
Undersexed individuals find themselves in a vicious circle. Because they lack the sexual experience, they are not confident about sex and hence they rarely get any.
Many serial killers were undersexed. Harvard students are undersexed. Hence, Harvard students are serial killers
by Pepe April 08, 2004
1)The Infamous Pepe Lopez is a man renowned for his skill at employing his trademark move, normally done at the end of sex.
2)The "Pepe Lopez" is when the male is fudge plugging a girl, and when he is ready to finish, he pulls out, inserts his finger into the poo lodge, withdraws with a stinky brown film covering his thumb. He then ,lovingly , smears a mustache on his partners upper lip, oftentimes he is seen running out of the partners living quarters, nude, and being chased by a pissed, naked, woman with a fairly large mexican mustache, otherwise known as ... a Pepe Lopez.
"whoa, its Pepe Lopez, run dude, shes gonna catch you!!!"
by Pepe February 25, 2005
the great one; one that rules all; definition of ultimate ownage of all that is weak cheese
Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk, and Little Mermaid
by pepe December 02, 2003
A slang one uses when frustated or mildly frightened. Also used when in shock. Sort of like "Holy Shit!"
Perdowski! I can't believe you were gonna hit me with that belt, or that boogey board, or that baseball!
by pepe July 30, 2004
Titties with shit on them
Wow that bitch has shit on her tits
by Pepe April 17, 2004

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