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A sexual act when just before a man climaxes, the woman punches him in the testicles.
She delivered the blueberry poundcake swiftly before receiving his seed.
by McKraut August 22, 2010
A variation of the rusty trombone in which whilst receiving said rimjob, you fart into their mouth causing their cheeks to balloon.
The rusty trombone was enjoyable and innocuous for both parties involved until it turned into the rusty Gillespie.
by McKraut August 22, 2010
When you poop into someones mouth and they proceed to perform fellatio on you.
I invited her over for spaghetti and swedish meatballs...
by McKraut August 22, 2010
A variation of the rusty trombone or rusty Gillespie in which whilst receiving a rim job, you proceed to poop in the other party's mouth.
The rusty trombone took an awful turn when the scatman entered the jam session.
by McKraut August 22, 2010
a pungent individual who tends to over explain things and/or includes every possible detail when telling stories and jokes even... no, especially when it isnt necessary. an otherwise intelligent person who doesnt realize the importance of brevity in certain situations. also takes an exceptionally long time to get ready before leaving to go anywhere. enjoys puns way too much to actually be human, though usually delivers them with exceptional timing, dryness, and cheesy wit.
damn GUMBa! or That GUMBa is one retarded monkey! also as a verb Way to GUMBa that joke!
dungeons and dragons
by McKraut March 20, 2009
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