taking a dump on the seat of a porto-let with a 15 person line standing outside waiting to use it.
The crowd was angry when they saw the russo left waiting for them
by Allen Wrench August 10, 2005
Top Definition
someone with a tremendously thick penis
wow, did you hear about jill she had to go to the hospital because she hooked up with a russo.
by nick December 13, 2004
having a penis of the size of 8-10 inches andcan cum at least a pint
angela got a huge shot in her face from a russo
by baller2343242342134324234 November 26, 2007
half hot chocolate, half coffee. totally the best drink ever invented!
yeah, so the other day, i went to the restaurant, and asked for a russo. they were like, whats that? and i said its half coffee half hot chocolate! i cant beleive youve never heard of it!
by <ash> October 24, 2009
Someone who gets wasted and makes bad decisions.
I'm just going to throw my dignity out the window and russo it up tonight!
by Dictionary_fan87 February 21, 2010
someone who employes excessive use of the word 'blick' and 'nayger' and listens to 'beatz' in an attempt to mix with his 'home boyz'.
needs to buy a mirror.
Yo nayger Russo, why u gotta waste my flavor boy?
by Andy March 05, 2005
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