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Basicly street slang for pretending, used in place of "playin" or "jokin"
yo momma just fell down the stoop... SYKE !
by Syke June 30, 2003
The Pit Hole Of Hell, A Company that leads you on and doesn't appreciate your dediction and never recognizes you for your accomplishments
Sykes Sucks!
by Employee December 31, 2003
horde of mental defectives, sycophantic slaves and philistines who will hopefully end up sucking air along with capone.
sykes mgmt or supervisors are alleged "people" who lie, mislead, cajole, threaten, whine, suck anus and employ various other means in order to bother employees and make $$.
#whores #slaves #freaks #retards #slime
by former gornshit September 17, 2007
An 80's urban slang meaning to take back or discredit/erase everything previously said in the last sentence.

(also sometimes spelled 'sike')
"I like you yer a cool guy...... SYKE!"
#sike #syke #punked #owned #p0wned
by Kris parker November 21, 2005
Besides it's actual meaning, there was an oldschool rapper named Syke. He was one of Tupac Shakur's greatest friends and appeared in serveral of his songs. He's most famous for singing in 2Pac's songs "Picture Me Rollin'" and "How Long Will They Mourn Me?"
So day after day, ride after ride, we'll all hook up on the other side. Watch over your family and your newborn. Till we meet again homie.

-Syke, in his tribute to Kato
#none #nun #non #nothin #nada
by Wes Schaller December 19, 2006
A word used to establish that the previous statement was false, usually followed by laughing. This is usually used when the user is unsure weather or not the joke was realised or wants to make it apparent that he or she was using sarcasm.
Dude that's some cool car you have...syke! XD Bahahahaha
#funny #syke #phsyke #psyke #sarcasm
by Meister_X April 28, 2010
word used after an untrue sentence
yer so cool..syke! hahaha
#syke #pyke #sike #phyc #psyc
by ashleysierra November 08, 2007
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