To be high on caffeine. The equivalent to being drunk when you drink too much alcohol. Being "rushed" can be done in many ways, whether it's drinking a large amount of energy drinks, eating/snorting caffeine pills, or trying to get rushed on a simple soda.

Whether or not you should attempt to get rushed lays within how much you weigh and how well your body can absorb caffeine, much like alcohol. Attempting to do so when you're not ready can result in serious health issues, including death. So drink when you're an expert (and when you're a long-time addict), kids.
This Saint Patrick's Day, I'd like to go out and have fun just like the other adults. Unfortunately because I'm younger than twenty-one and the consumption of alcohol is illegal, I'm going to party it up and get rushed with my favorite little drug, caffeine.
by Caffeine Addict Anonymous March 14, 2007
Top Definition
Another word for beaten up/slapped
"I just got rushed by them boys over there!"
by *_Sophie_* July 13, 2005
past tense for sexual intercourse with a Russian(person from Russia)
" I was rushed by Andrew" In this case Andrew is from Russia, Therefore being Russian Andrew can Rush people, or infact be russhed himself.
by Russia In IE March 10, 2011
When someone takes a very large amount of OxyContin. Named after radio talk show personality, Rush Limbaugh.
"Shit nigga, Bruce just rushed 5 of those motherfuckas."
by Joe August 11, 2004

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