Inbred, bellicose, fat lying junkie hypocrite who feeds on ignorance, fear, and racism.
See: the bottom of your shoe
by Word Fixr October 29, 2003
A complete asshole if there ever was one albeit a clever one. It is his listeners, the ditto-heads who are a sorry-ass bunch of stupid fucking morons who would much rather suck up Rush's ass than try to use their puny brains.
Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity
by rush_eats_shit February 15, 2004
AKA Kaptain Krispy Kreme
The Tonnage on loan from G-d
Egotistical asswipe
Douchebag of the high odor
Oxycotin Boy
The Human gasbag
Fatass Chickenhawk who escaped Viet Nam due to a boil on his ass
I need a little bit of stupidity. . .I have to choose between Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage.
by SAMMYBlue August 30, 2005
A bloated jackass who doesn't know shit. He said so much shit about my high school and how "we've probably never heard the name Adolph Hitler" and that "we don't know jack about WWII" all because we have an award winning multicultural history program about other countries besides the U.S.
"Hey, did you hear what Rush said about us on May 10th?"
"Yah, what a douche bag, we even challenged him to a debate and he can't get off his fat ass to accept"
by matt k May 22, 2005
Big Chief Lard Ass and Minister of Propaganda for the Foaming Rabid Right. Apostle of Truth for peckerwood rednecks, inbred crackers, serpent-handling fundamentalists and other Republicans. Adroit manipulator of the ignorant, who worship his pustulant utterance and shaggy nipples. Talk-radio host who has parlayed hateful drivel into a multi-million dollar franchise by exploiting the sense of righteous entitlement, anger and fear felt by his dittohead audience.

Syn.: creep, sociopath, bloviator, con man, liar
Who's that evil gasbag, the guy just like Ellsworth Toohey in The Fountainhead?
That's Rush Limbaugh. The parallel is uncanny.
by geroldf October 20, 2009
Talk radio host who recently cited Urban Dictionary as a serious authority.
Rush Limbaugh said, "'Conversate' is a word! I found it on Urban Dictionary."
by S. Haff January 26, 2006
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