When a pornstar is unable to handle a large cock, especially when the guy is thrusting too deep in doggy position, she/he starts to move away on her hands and knees, this is known as 'running'.
The blonde couldn't take the deeply thrusting huge nigger cock any more, and started to inch forward, yelling, and the director muttered 'she's running' but the huge black man carried on relentlessly ramming her with his BBC until she collapsed in a whimpering, fetal heap.
by Peacocky June 24, 2009
A term used as a code for anything sexual beyond kissing.
"If he sucks at kissing, he'll suck at everything... like running"

"does nick suck at running?" "no he doesn't."
by badapada July 10, 2008
A rather effective mode of transportation. Basically, the act of walking faster, but slightly different. Should not be confused with a sport. Is a major part of many sports, but not a sport itself.
Damn, that guy is running fast because he is trying to get to (insert name of place).
by iamprettycool March 18, 2009
(verb) that you can do to other people
simalar to using
You're an idoit, Juli is just running your ass.
by Sherrice August 28, 2006
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