It was morning. The bulls would be running soon. That means the bulls would need fighting. "I will fight the bulls," said Nick as he chugged his morning whiskey.
Nick grasp his wooden stick tightly as the bulls charged toward him. "I must fight the bulls," said Nick as he swang his wooden stick at the first bull.
by Paul Thundergod July 08, 2003
Top Definition
A unique practice where unimformed, misinformed, or ill-informed, foreigners that know nothing of the history of Pamplona and/or the practice of the running of the bulls, dimisses it to be simply a pastime where drunken farm boys, drunk off of whiskey and barly beer, make their way running through town as they are being chased down by a pack of angry, yet amused bulls.

These boys often scream in terror, shouting phrases like "Owch! my stomach lining!" or "My blood hurts!" Or something of the sort while, routinely, but traditionally, being gorged, or even gutted by the horns of a bull.
The running of the bulls festivals is held in Pamplona, Spain, every year, for nine days in July.
by Tai July 09, 2003
when yo bowls emit a loose, light brown (or sandlewood, if you will) fecal discharge at an inopportune momemt.
Egad, Chalmers, I'd love to continue this conversation, but I must make haste to the toilet as I've just had a little running of the bulls
by Colin Bowel October 20, 2003
When you get diarrhea from drinking too many Red Bulls.
"Oh man, after that last Red Bull, I've got a serious case of Running of the Bulls. I may need to change my underwear!"
by SkinItBroham June 22, 2013
When a group of lesbians get together and frolick gayly in some activity.
Dude, look at all those bull-dykes. It is like the running of the bulls in here.
by Ron Coleman February 16, 2009
something only real morons would participate in; of course they learn the hard way when a bull decides he's having rump roast for dinner
by Alex July 11, 2003
An extreme sexual manuver when a man is on top of a woman and the man tries to throw the woman around the room while still maintaining insertion.
Guy 1: Did you hear? Bob and Lisa went to the running of the bulls?
Guy 2: Naw d00de.
by CamRon Bawllsack March 11, 2008
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