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Whitest dance move ever. Dance move where you keep sliding your feet on the floor like your running in one place
look at pasty over there, pulling out the running man
by tim June 22, 2005
A game played with a large group of people in a section of the city. There are 2 or more Running Women/Men who attempt to make it to a certain destination on foot with out getting caught. The rest of the group divides into teams and chases these people in cars or on foot. The game is over when all of the Runners have been caught, or when they have reached their destination.
We will be playing Running Man on Friday night.
by Kobewka May 11, 2005
When a person is walking by, moves their fingers to simulate a person walking (as if your entire hand was a person and your pointer and middle finger are the legs), and rudely shoves it into the unsuspecting ass of a passerby.
I'm getting sued by my boss because i gave her the running man at work.
by ihatebuffering March 05, 2011
Doing the dance as a form of release when someone gets so high, the they feel the need to just break out in dance to let others know just how high he really is.
if someone just did a load of drugs and got so jacked up, he just starts doing the "running man" dance right there
by trakmaster November 29, 2009
1)A half ass version of skanking in which somebody actually thinks they are skanking but they're doing a dance called the "running man"
2)Somebody who doesn't know how to skank!
1)Look at that fake ass hipster doin the running man,lets go push him over.
2)That aint no rude boy, thats just some fake ass running man.
by Cuntz and Bluntz December 05, 2009
While on a jog together, you recieve a hand job. When you ejaculate, she has to run and try to catch the cum in her mouth.
Today, I recieved a happy ending to my jog when she gave me a running man.
by Ginger Lariat June 24, 2011
The running man is performed on either the male or female, and is when two fingers are used to scratch/massage an "area" in an alternating fashion. When this is performed correctly, the two fingers act as legs moving back and forth, and the hand as the rest of a person which looks like a man running, hence the running man.
First we kissed, then I gave her the running man.
by Traveling Shadow July 21, 2006
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