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A clustered evacuation of the urinary, upper and lower GI tracts producing urine, vomit and diarrhea.
The excremental trifecta.
Ashley's late-night binge of Crab Rangoon and Grey Goose martinis on the Pink Elephant dance floor later caused her to runkle all over her bathroom once she stumbled home.
by powerbuzz May 15, 2008
the area right in front of the taint or more accurately, the back of the scrotum, where the ball sack meets the taint.
I like when he tickles my runkle while he plays the rusty trombone.
by shrunkle February 12, 2010
the part of the body where the butt and the leg meet. The crease where these two body parts meet.
"That girl's shorts are so short I can see her runkle."
by Imadif January 15, 2010
the illest middle school in suberbia o i mean in brookline.
they let ill people like me graduate!
by Meeka April 11, 2005
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