to act stupid and obnoxious in any way especially involving highlighters.
He was runking it up in there.
by Madi (behind A Runk) October 14, 2011
Another name for cannabis, and more specifically a strong grass / skunk.
Anyone want some runks? Going at £25 on the eighth.
by hotfirebreather July 01, 2005
The assorted buildup of hair, dirt, food or other material that occurs in a keyboard.
I shook my keyboard and all this runk fell out.
by Simmo April 20, 2005
Runk: (n) A person who participates in mud runs, obstacle courses and adventure racing. These individuals are often characterized by a willingness to get dirty, excited by challenging themselves mentally and physically, and a desire to live life to its fullest.

Runk: (v) to participate in mud runs, obstacle courses and adventure racing. “Michelle had a crazy runking experience at the mud run for Halloween.”
Runk is a subset of the term Runkz: A close, online, sharing community of like-minded, slightly insane individuals who enjoy mud runs, obstacle course and adventure racing.
by Chief Runkz January 28, 2013
A combination of running and walking, most specifically related to exercising and participating in races. Coined by CathyLB from Maine.
I am going to runk the 5k this weekend.
by CathyLB July 06, 2011
A combination of the words Drunk and Rank. It means that you are actually so drunk that you are smelling due to copious amounts of alcohol and or defecating in ones garments.
I can't remember last night, judging by the smell of my room, shit was runk.
by Runkmaster P June 19, 2011
a dirty skanky girl that hangs over every guy she sees & has no standards at all.
did you see that girl all over karie's man? shes such a runk!
by cdb_kij December 05, 2007
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