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An MMORPG created by Jagex. A game that I was addicted to for about 8 months, but I stopped because it was a stupid waste of time. All you do in Runescape is click on something and your character interacts with it, like clicking an enemy to attack it, clicking a tree to chop it, or clicking a rock to mine it. Its subpar combat system allows lower levels such as 70's take down higher levels such as 100's with ease. The game is full of whiney 12 year olds who constantly look for cyber 'cex' (cex is NOT a misspelling, but the word that people use for sex because the creators of the game, Jagex, blur out pretty much every word in the dictionary. Including poop.) When the 12 year olds pay the girls Runescape money for this 'cex', they are instantly crushed when the girl reveals herself to be a boy and runs off with the money. There are a total of about 30 skills in the game, and each one levels quickly. Until you get to level 25 that is. After 25, it is just constant clicking and clicking while making very little progress. To be level 25 in a stat, you will need less than 10 thousand experience points. To be level 99 in a stat, you will need over 13 million. Combat being the main skill of Runescape, I will give you an example of the monotiny of training it. A favorite monster to train on, Ogres, give around 300 experience each. If you haven't wasted your time getting till around 90 combat or so, each Ogre will take about 1 minute to kill. You do the math yourself. Overall, Runescape is a monotonous game with little to no benefit for the player.
12 year old on Runescape talking to a girl: cex plx.
Girl that is really a boy: OK. Give me 10k gp first.
12 year old: k cex plx. (Gives money)
'Girl': k. (runs off.)
by veloci69 July 06, 2006
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A pretty good game, which was created entirely with Java. It's three dimensional. The object of the game is what makes it so good, because the whole point of the game is whatever you want it to be. You can make friends, do quests, or train in various skills, such as mining, smithing, crafting, fishing, woodcutting, etc.

The only complaints about this game that I have are that almost everything is limited to members, such as most of the quests, the map space, and alot of other cool stuff. Also, everybody calls each other a noob for some reason. The graphics might also not appeal to all people, but if you look past the graphics, you'll see that its a pretty fun game, but you need to know when to stop playing.

(By the way, I might become a member by next month!)
Immature player: 5hu7 up n00b!
Newbie: plz give me stuff i died plz
*** Newbie attempts to trade a level 79 repeatedly***
***Level 79 gives newbie full bronze armor and walks off***

My name in Runescape is Lord Arcane3, feel free to add me to your list.
by Runescape is NOT a bad game! September 24, 2005
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Runescape is a big online game...
I played for a year but I got addicted so I stopped playing it.
The game is made by Jagex and is very popular, but remember that if you play it´s very easy to get addicted so watch out.
Don´t play more than an hour or two each day or you will become an addict.
Jagex message: Runescape is a fantastic world, but the real world is greater.
by Stine15 July 23, 2006
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A game that was sent by the all mighty gods of suck 'Fagex' to steal and rape little kids souls so they can never have a life..
Fagex: hey little kiddie come play with me..
Kiddie: YAY!!!
*plays RS*
Kiddie: must.. play.. runescape...
by Xavier Valentine September 15, 2006
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Another term for, Runescape, which the makers of runescape (Jagex) tried to tell you in the first place to escape from the runescape grasp. And once you are in, only the strong ones can escape.
kid: Hey man, wanna play some Runescape?
Smart kid: No, are you kidding me?? Didn't you realize? Run escape?
by loadman January 02, 2009
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An Addictive multiplayer game where people that get player killed come here to make stupid defenitions of it
I suck at Runescape so i'm gonna trash it!
by penguin January 02, 2004
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I work frequently, pay my bills, and have plenty of friends...and I play Runescape. To me, the game is quite relaxing...I might just log on to kill a round of blue dragons, netting me 14 dragon bones and 14 dragonhides. Net total of around 4k gold each kill. Then I might just do something else. I have had countless people over to play on my computer network (two computers, two laptops)...and I feel it is extremely rewarding to help them with their characters. Maybe it is something as simple as providing them with 'full iron' equipment to start with. While the simple cows were killing them before, now they are not.

Even my little niece loves the game, and it has certainly made her more computer savvy...is that a bad thing? How about the cultural exposure? I have met and talked with people from Australia, England, and Canada...all with different dialects. I'm college educated...I started playing MUDS, it didn't ruin my life...in fact it enhanced my typing speed so much that I easily landed jobs doing data entry. This made me actual money.

And think of runescape like 'Economics' 101...it forces you to budget, for if you don't you won't be able to buy that nice shiny whip. You could later apply to be a used car salesperson, because people had attempted to scam you in every possible way, so you became insanely street smart.

Do NOT stay on the same skill, or you will burnout fast. Choose a skill like slayer, and stick with that.

I invent large chess variants, and I play piano for weddings, and I enjoy runescape...it certainly doesn't make you a loser. My other friend would have webcam chats with girls he met on Runescape...what's wrong with that? I'd say that he's meeting MORE people because of the game.

To all you who denigrate this game, please just think more carefully. It is what you make of it.

I'm not playing right now because grinding dragon bones gives me carpal tunnel, rofl!
Newbie: Plz plz, I need gold
Me: Work on your smithing
Newbie: I can't be bothered (australian phrase), mining is boring too.

Runescape, the other white meat.

by Andrew Kaczrowski March 08, 2007
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